Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Moments: What The Heck?

I rush to get up in the morning, I rush to get ready, I rush to work. Then I get to work to encourage my guests to relax and unwind. What is wrong with this picture? I had this "what the heck" moment when I was leaving work last week. A little, tiny leaf appeared beneath me in the parking lot behind my office. I actually took a second to stop-  There it was- a cute little heart shaped leaf, the only one in the entire parking lot. First thing, I took a quick picture. I sent it to the fella right away, he replied, I leaf you. How adorable is that? I got to thinking I leaf me too. I need to stop rushing around like a crazy person just to get to that place of ok now it is time to relax and unwind. So... I am working on that. I went outside behind my building and there are a zillion of these heart shaped leaves laying all over the parking lot. I get it now. Rest is not a reward for all your hard work. Leaf yourself and take time for you.