Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Love you to PEACHES

Introducing... Madi Holohan, Aesthetician & Massage Therapist. She is our newest addition to Norabloom. She is wonderful and we love her to PEACHES! Madi will not only be a guest writer for Norabloom's Hello Beautiful Beauty Blog, she will also provide facials, waxing and makeup artistry here at Norabloom Beauty Lounge. Enjoy her first post...

Fresh juicy peaches are at their peak. I cannot get enough of them! What started as a subtle flirtation last week when a dear neighbor gifted me with unhindered access to his orchard has turned into a full blown tryst. Thank goodness I have a very understanding husband; in fact he has encouraged and benefitted from my obsession with this tempting fruit. My lush paramour has been baked into pie, brandied, canned, jammed, and turned into fruit leather. The sweet scent of peach lingers in the kitchen day and night prompting me to get ever more creative with showing my devotion. As I was eating a cup of Greek yogurt and sliced peaches early this morning, I was hit with the sudden desire to bathe in it. “Okay girl, this is getting out of control” I told myself, and then realized it was my esthetician instinct taking over. Peaches are great for the skin both internally and externally! The vitamins, minerals and macronutrients and antioxidants in peaches benefit your skin in many ways, boosting the look and feel as well as protecting it from diseases.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen, a compound that gives your skin elasticity; it is effective in helping collagen production when taken internally as well as when applied externally. A one cup serving of peaches gives you 10.2 mg of this vitamin; the recommended amount is 75 to 90 mg of vitamin C daily. In addition to the influence the vitamin C in peaches has on collagen, it also works with protein to improve your immune system, helping to ward off skin infections.

The National Institutes of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements website reveals that people who get less selenium may have an increased risk of some forms of skin cancer. Eating peaches helps you increase your selenium intake -- 1 cup of peaches contains 0.2 mg of selenium; your meal plan should include 55 mcg of this mineral each day. Serve peaches with cottage cheese, a food high in selenium, to boost your daily intake.

Vitamin A
The vitamin A in peaches may also contribute to cancer prevention. A study published in the March 2004 issue of "Clinical Cancer Research" indicates that high doses of vitamin A reduced the risk of some skin cancers by 32 percent. While the amount of vitamin A in a 1 cup serving of peaches -- 502 IU -- does not approach the 50,000 to 75,000 IU of vitamin A called for in the study, it is a very tasty way to up your vitamin A intake. External Application Peaches are great for toning the skin, revitalizing it, and help combat dryness. The pulp is quite soothing to irritated skin. When combined with other products such as honey, the peach is a perfect summer sunburn quencher. Norabloom offers a seasonal, summer peach mask made with locally grown peaches and local raw honey. I have found a way to justify this obsession-whew! My clandestine affair with peaches continues……
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