Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DogEars, an online publication featuring... yes NORABLOOM YAY!

Introducing...DogEars created by pubsimple- this new online publication will support local, green minded businesses like Norabloom (YAY!!), as well as independent bookstores, while making introductions to interesting people and great reads. If you're really excited about the concept, you can get your favorite business (yours or someone else's) featured in an ad or appear in the Featured Reader section. Please lend your support at whatever level you can. 

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Milia- Yes I treat these!

A Milium (plural milia), also called a milk spot or an oil seed, is a keratin-filled cyst that can appear just under the epidermis. They are small, white (sometimes look pale yellow) and usually appear around the eyes, cheeks or eyelids. Milia are commonly associated with newborn babies but can appear on people of all ages. Milia can also be confused with stubborn whiteheads. In children, milia often disappear within two to four weeks. In adults they may require removal by a Physician, Dermatologist, or an Aesthetician. 

I can treat these with the Advanced Skin Classic Treatment: READ MORE HERE


Monday, June 11, 2012

New Spa Review, BLUSH...

Erica from "FingerLakesSpaGirl Blog" loved her experience at Norabloom. YIPPIE!! She was a pleasure to meet and pamper...

My skin looks and feels – AMAZING after my first facial at  Norabloom Beauty Lounge in Ithaca, NY!!!
I am incredibly  happy with the results after the Signature, 90 minute Facial I received from licensed Aesthetician and Makeup Artist, Holly Green… In fact, I think my skin has improved everyday since the facial which was 5 days ago, and not only the skin on my face, but on my neck and decollate as well.  Think – smooth, glowing, clean and smaller looking pores – YES!
I walked into the Norabloom Beauty Lounge and found myself with an instant smile.  The waiting area is welcoming and decorated beautifully with touches of femininity everywhere.. soft browns and greens on the walls and window treatments, a light breeze & sunshine coming in from the open door with lovely fresh potted flowers, and a perfectly set up product/retail area, - I love products! So I was sucked into this area right away admiring Holly’s neatly organized product line, Norabloom Botanicals.  This natural product line is petroleum-free & paraben free, uses no artificial colors, and contains primarily organic ingredients.
Holly took me from her waiting area into the treatment room and offered me the choice of  a cool carrot juice shot or a cool green smoothie shot – Yum :)  The rooms cozy atmosphere and music offer a instant disconnect from the world outside, allowing my relaxation journey to begin!
I crawled under the soft blankets and sheets on to the heated table and into my cocoon for the next 90 minutes.  Holly’s application of products during the facial is done with great intention and she is detailed and thorough with her technique throughout.  During my facial I experienced the amazing scents of Norabloom Botanical skin care products, warm moist towels to remove products and a steam that was perfectly positioned over my face – I find sometimes that the steam can seem overwhelming with my breathing if it is too close.  Her extractions were effective, but not painful, and i really appreciated the special attention to my lips with the Babelicious Lip Balm.
Holly sent me into an even deeper state of relaxation with massage to my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet during my face mask.  I also appreciated the invigorating and detailed face and scalp massage.  After your service, Holly emails you an overview of your personal Norabloom experience that includes products used in your service and recommendations for follow up sessions… I loved this individual attention!  It allowed me to just be, after my service,… I didn’t have to focus on what she recommended or what was used, I just enjoyed being pampered and my relaxation.
As I got dressed I noticed a small card on the table with a quote from Gandhi that said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Holly clearly demonstrates her passion for pampering and caring for you during your individual Beauty Lounge experience at Norabloom Beauty Lounge.    I left feeling well from the inside – out and gained a true sense of peace and relaxation, plus great looking skin!
Thank You Holly ~ Norabloom Beauty Lounge!!!