Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning for your Beauty Basket

As spring time arrives, we typically get the itch to clean out our closets, cabinets, garages and basements. We weed our gardens, we pick up sticks around the yard, and clean out our refrigerators. All these things give us a sense of renewal, the idea of less, the simple concept fresh. We purge, we feel better. I always clean out my beauty basket and all my beauty bags, and drawers. This is a great time to weed out the toxic stuff and ring in the new healthier choices that all the natural skin care and makeup has to offer. Making small changes one product at a time, you gradually replace toxic brands with safer, healthier products. Throw out anything that is over 6 months old.

1. Most natural brands that meet my approval have less fillers, so you get more concentrated formulas. This means you will actually use less which means the product will last last much longer. More for your money and healthier. May I suggest Norabloom?

2. Choose a lead free lip stick. Did you know that 61% of name brand lip sticks contain detectable levels of lead? May I suggest Jane Iredale Cosmetics and Dr. Hauschka?

3. When choosing new foundations and concealers, avoid ingredients like parabens, talc and mineral oil. Most liquid foundations last 3 months and powders 1 year.

4. As far as sunscreens we already know that UV rays contribute to skin cancer, wrinkles and pre mature aging. Avoid harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone and PABA.hose Choose safer options such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I am still searching for the Holly approved sunscreen, so far I can suggest Soleo Organic Sunscreen.

I pride myself on being "your personal beauty expert", so feel free to contact me and we can create a natural beauty ritual that suits your needs. Enjoy a free consultation on me, book now at www.Norabloom.com

5. Go for safer nail products: Avoid nail products with toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde, all linked with health effects. May i suggest, Zoya?