Monday, September 7, 2009

Cute as heck Norabloom/Nana bag...

Oh my goodness, this cosmetic bag is something to holler about! Not too long ago I blogged about NANA bags by Sally. Remember, she was the adorable southern gal from South Carolina... Well, we teamed up to create a fantastic Norabloom/NANA cosmetic bag to hold all your Norabloom facial bliss. She just sent me my first prototype. Now we are set to share it with you. It will retail for $60 and you can pre-order now by emailing me at

This bag is approx 10"w x 8"h, with brown padded fabric. It has a flat bottom so your Norabloom glass bottles and jars will stand upright. It has a pink zipper, with fancy vintage prints on the interior. All the interior prints will slightly differ. It will be a surprise! Wink...

Oh Joy:
Load up this fab bag with all your Norabloom essentials. For travel, it can lay flat in your suit case between your folded clothes. Genius, I know. If you have trouble traveling with the pumps on the glass facial bottles, just ask me for some travel caps.