Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Natasha Keller: One Swell Gal

Natasha Keller, is indeed One Swell Gal! Take a peek at these adorable handmade purses... This one is my fav! I spotted her craft at the Ithaca's Farmers Market then again at Petrune Vintage Shop in Ithaca, New York. I had the pleasure of officially meeting her in person at Petrune (the finest vintage clothing shop-ever. Natasha not only creates these adorable purses, she also creates beautiful fabric woven baskets...

Find her and her talent in several places:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nana By Sally: Handmade Bags

Oh my goodness! These handmade bags are so adorable. A friend turned me onto Sally's creations! They are divine designs by far! Nana bags are 100% handmade in a variety of styles and in a wide array of colors and fabrics. Handbag prices start at $60. Also she has aprons too! You can find these darling bags in several stores and have a home party!

You know me, I had to give her a call... turns out, she is a sweet, charming, southern girl!

Click here to view her web site

Friday, August 14, 2009

Must Have: Norabloom Member Number

Norabloom Member Numbers are a must-have. This new concept is for Norabloom Lovers only! Wink! We are excited to have full color catalogs, packed with our lovely facial pleasers! One of my best friends, Jackie owner of Flourish Design Studio designed this darling 12 page wonder! Talk about eye candy...

Want FREE GIFTS? Well, you have to get a Norabloom Member Number, it is FREE too!

1. Contact me via email:
2. Send me your name, email, and mailing address
3. I will then ever-so promptly email you a NBloom Member Number
4. Next, I will snail mail you 25 darling catalogs, FREE
5. There is a space for your Nbloom member number on the back of the new catalog
6. Spread them around to all your galfriends
7. When they place and order and use your Nbloom Member Number, you will receive 10%of their pre tax/pre-shipping order
8. As a thank you...I will happily nest your "credits" and save them until you are ready to use them on your favorite Norabloom Products & Services.
9. EASY!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Natural Facial Wipes

Here is an idea to tickle your facial fancy. After a sweaty workout or a long day out in the hot sun we all have the urge to wash our face. But, what if there is not a sink or your lovely array of Norabloom beauty essentials close by? No worries ladies, I have an idea!

Entertain this:
Fill a small, air tight 6 oz jar with the lovely Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water. Add 20 or more flat cotton rounds. (You can find these flat cotton rounds for a buck or two at any drugstore)

Let the cotton rounds soak up all the goodness of the Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water. Make sure they are saturated. There should be a small amount of Rose Water sloshing around. Keep this small jar in your workout bag. After your workout cleanse your face with these delicious quick natural facial wipes.

The Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water adds moisture to your skin. The natural aromatics will lift your spirits as well as remove the debris from the skin.

If these little "joys" are able to sit in a refrigerator prior to use, this will add cool flair to your homemade facial wipes.