Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best Shampoo at Transformations Salon

WOW! Yesterday I had the pleasure of coloring my hair at TRANSFORMATIONS SALON in Ithaca, New York. I had the best shampoo treatment that I have ever had! Abby George, a young, sweet, hip stylist began with a color treatment. One color, simple. Exactly what I wanted. I relaxed under a warm dryer, while catching up on fab girly magazines! :) 20 minutes later I was escorted to the fantastic shampoo area. She propped my feet up on a foot rest, she gently leaned me back. It started off like any other shampoo. I close my eyes to enjoy! Out of the blue- she added wonderful scalp massage movements. Her circle, rhythm was so relaxing. She even surprised me with a neck massage. Her massage pressure was perfect! She balled her fist up in the lathery shampoo and rolled underneath my neck. I was in heaven. I have had hundreds of shampoos, this one was AMAZING! I highly recommend Abby for your next shampoo!

You can find Abby and other wonderful stylists at:

Transformations Hair & Body
222 Elmira Road, Ithaca, NY