Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, The Thrills

Oh, the thrills of having organic rosehip seed oil nearby. It is so freaking cold out, it must be -20. My face feels like an iced over pond. I can not even break a smile for the fear of cracking. So what does the beauty expert do? Well I run as fast as I can to my secret stash of Norabloom. I smear a thin coat of my lovely organic rosehip seed oil, and thank my lucky stars. The Norabloom Rosehip Seed Oil is lovely, light and adds a protective layer of goodness to help protect against the NY cold. Burr, really- Should it really be this cold today?

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New on Esty.com

It is no surprise nor secret that the owner of Norabloom has a thing for beautiful vintage jewerly...
Check out Holly's little store via ETSY.

CLICK to View Norabloom's Store

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Early Holiday Gift Idea :)

Gift the gift of Norabloom Beauty... I created a special little package perfect for the Norabloom lover or it makes a charming impression on someone you love. Share the beauty of Paraben-Free & Petroleum-Free Skin Care.

Norabloom Gift Package includes:

1 4oz Chamomile Gel Cleaner
1 4oz Neroli Tonic
1 4oz Green Tea Scrub
1 1.25 oz Calendula Face Creme
1 Nana by Sally Cosmetic Bag

Exclusive Blog Promotion $140
Original Price $178

To Order:
Phone: 607-592-8222
Email: norabloomskincare@yahoo.com

Monday, November 2, 2009

Green Tea Citrus Scrub, yummy!

This blend contains darling little jojoba beads to gently exfoliate the face, neck and chest. Try using this scrub in the shower! It is ideal for all skin types, except sensitive skin. It contains powerful antioxidants so be prepared- this will make you GLOW... BUY NOW

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glow like a Jill-O-Lantern

Glow like a Jill-O-Lantern, $60 Bucks
Unleash your wicked GLOW just in time for Halloween. Enjoy these scary specials next week.

$60 facials every day
Add a Pumpkin/Papaya Peel for $15 bucks more.

If this isn't scary enough.... take an extra 10% off of any one Norabloom Product of your choice, with purchase of a Pumpkin/Papaya Peel Facial at the discounted price.
The above specials will end 10/30/09. No exceptions.

Too SCARY... 5 things that scare the heck out of me :)
1. Gals without a home beauty ritual
2. Chemicals in all the skin care and makeup that most of you are using.
3. Dark, spooky under eye circles.
4. Crappy lip sticks that bleed or stain the lips (usually full of harmful dyes)
5. Receiving facial and waxing services anywhere other than Norabloom.

Visit: Norabloom Botanicals & Beauty Lounge Site

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh WOW! Ariana'sThai Massage

I recently visited Ariana Blossom, LMT at Bodyworks in Ithaca, NY, for a modified Thai Massage Therapy session. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Ariana's deep tissue work in the past several times. The sessions have always been divine. This time was especially unique and special.

When I entered her office I was not in my best condition. I had a headache beginning on my left temple, I was gasping for air, just a plain mess. Not one of my better days. :)She could tell I was not myself. Between my stress and feeling over-worked, her wheels began to turn about what I needed for the hour.

We began our session with a guided meditation, this was new for me in this way. This extra step balanced my breath and my headache began to ease. The session began like a regular massage session, she began to blend in Thai massage techniques, it was truly just what my body and mind needed.

I can best explain Thai Massage as an ancient ayurvedic healing art. Through application of pressure on energy lines and points, and a vast array of passive stretching movements performed with the hands, feet, knees and elbow's, the body experiences profound relaxation, peripheral stimulation of internal organs, increased flexibility and increased flow of energy. Honestly it offered me pure body bliss.

I left the session with a peaceful mind, relaxed body and refreshed soul. I made sure to book another at the end of the month.

You really should contact her asap :)

Ariana Blossom, LMT
Fee $70, 60 minute session & $95, 90 minute session

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cute as heck Norabloom/Nana bag...

Oh my goodness, this cosmetic bag is something to holler about! Not too long ago I blogged about NANA bags by Sally. Remember, she was the adorable southern gal from South Carolina... Well, we teamed up to create a fantastic Norabloom/NANA cosmetic bag to hold all your Norabloom facial bliss. She just sent me my first prototype. Now we are set to share it with you. It will retail for $60 and you can pre-order now by emailing me at norabloomskincare@yahoo.com

This bag is approx 10"w x 8"h, with brown padded fabric. It has a flat bottom so your Norabloom glass bottles and jars will stand upright. It has a pink zipper, with fancy vintage prints on the interior. All the interior prints will slightly differ. It will be a surprise! Wink...

Oh Joy:
Load up this fab bag with all your Norabloom essentials. For travel, it can lay flat in your suit case between your folded clothes. Genius, I know. If you have trouble traveling with the pumps on the glass facial bottles, just ask me for some travel caps.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Natasha Keller: One Swell Gal

Natasha Keller, is indeed One Swell Gal! Take a peek at these adorable handmade purses... This one is my fav! I spotted her craft at the Ithaca's Farmers Market then again at Petrune Vintage Shop in Ithaca, New York. I had the pleasure of officially meeting her in person at Petrune (the finest vintage clothing shop-ever. Natasha not only creates these adorable purses, she also creates beautiful fabric woven baskets...

Find her and her talent in several places:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nana By Sally: Handmade Bags

Oh my goodness! These handmade bags are so adorable. A friend turned me onto Sally's creations! They are divine designs by far! Nana bags are 100% handmade in a variety of styles and in a wide array of colors and fabrics. Handbag prices start at $60. Also she has aprons too! You can find these darling bags in several stores and have a home party!

You know me, I had to give her a call... turns out, she is a sweet, charming, southern girl!

Click here to view her web site

Friday, August 14, 2009

Must Have: Norabloom Member Number

Norabloom Member Numbers are a must-have. This new concept is for Norabloom Lovers only! Wink! We are excited to have full color catalogs, packed with our lovely facial pleasers! One of my best friends, Jackie owner of Flourish Design Studio designed this darling 12 page wonder! Talk about eye candy...

Want FREE GIFTS? Well, you have to get a Norabloom Member Number, it is FREE too!

1. Contact me via email: norabloomskincare@yahoo.com
2. Send me your name, email, and mailing address
3. I will then ever-so promptly email you a NBloom Member Number
4. Next, I will snail mail you 25 darling catalogs, FREE
5. There is a space for your Nbloom member number on the back of the new catalog
6. Spread them around to all your galfriends
7. When they place and order and use your Nbloom Member Number, you will receive 10%of their pre tax/pre-shipping order
8. As a thank you...I will happily nest your "credits" and save them until you are ready to use them on your favorite Norabloom Products & Services.
9. EASY!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Natural Facial Wipes

Here is an idea to tickle your facial fancy. After a sweaty workout or a long day out in the hot sun we all have the urge to wash our face. But, what if there is not a sink or your lovely array of Norabloom beauty essentials close by? No worries ladies, I have an idea!

Entertain this:
Fill a small, air tight 6 oz jar with the lovely Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water. Add 20 or more flat cotton rounds. (You can find these flat cotton rounds for a buck or two at any drugstore)

Let the cotton rounds soak up all the goodness of the Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water. Make sure they are saturated. There should be a small amount of Rose Water sloshing around. Keep this small jar in your workout bag. After your workout cleanse your face with these delicious quick natural facial wipes.

The Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water adds moisture to your skin. The natural aromatics will lift your spirits as well as remove the debris from the skin.

If these little "joys" are able to sit in a refrigerator prior to use, this will add cool flair to your homemade facial wipes.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best Shampoo at Transformations Salon

WOW! Yesterday I had the pleasure of coloring my hair at TRANSFORMATIONS SALON in Ithaca, New York. I had the best shampoo treatment that I have ever had! Abby George, a young, sweet, hip stylist began with a color treatment. One color, simple. Exactly what I wanted. I relaxed under a warm dryer, while catching up on fab girly magazines! :) 20 minutes later I was escorted to the fantastic shampoo area. She propped my feet up on a foot rest, she gently leaned me back. It started off like any other shampoo. I close my eyes to enjoy! Out of the blue- she added wonderful scalp massage movements. Her circle, rhythm was so relaxing. She even surprised me with a neck massage. Her massage pressure was perfect! She balled her fist up in the lathery shampoo and rolled underneath my neck. I was in heaven. I have had hundreds of shampoos, this one was AMAZING! I highly recommend Abby for your next shampoo!

You can find Abby and other wonderful stylists at:

Transformations Hair & Body
222 Elmira Road, Ithaca, NY


Friday, May 29, 2009

Under-Eye Circles

Do you have a dark shadow beneath your eyes?
Lack of sleep can contribute to dark circles, but it's rarely the main culprit. If yours have purplish blue and temporally disappear when pressed firmly with a finger, they are probably caused by blood vessels that are visible through genetically thin skin. If the darkness is brown, hyperpigmentation this can be caused by minor trauma, such as rubbing your eyes or even sun damage. I always suggest using a vitamin packed eye cream with antioxidants! Try Norabloom Evening Primrose Eye Cream

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enhance & Customize Your Beauty Ritual

Well gals, we did it again... We are constantly on the look out for ways of keeping yall youthful and gorgeous! Try our new ENHANCE powders. They are two little darlings waiting to be apart of your beauty ritual. Add either, not both to your routine to "beef up" your anti-aging and your deep pore cleansing efforts.

1. Pure Salicylic Powder,tiny 5 gram jar, $10
All you have to do is sprinkle a tad a couple times a week into your cleanser or moisturizer for results beyond belief. Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid, it comes from the bark of a willow tree! It effectively penetrates and exfoliates the pores, increasing cellular turnover! In some cases your skin will be a little more sensitive to the wind, sun and severe weather. Use wisely!

2. Pure Microdermabrasion Crystals, tiny 5 gram jar, $10
Add these little jagged, aggressive crystals to your cleanser, or gentle exfoliant to unlock your true glow. These little fellers deeply cleanse the skin as well as promote cellular respiration.

These are not available yet on line, but you can email me at: norabloomskincare@yahoo.com

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Product: C-Glow Serum

Freshly squeezed for you...
Norabloom Botanicals has a new product!
Your skin will radiate as you unlock your true, natural beauty with this fabulous Vitamin C serum. It delivers high concentrations of Vitamin C to the skin . This delicious serum gives you a fighting chance against the elements, age and the sun's harmful rays.
You will C the GLOW!
Tiny samle $2 1 oz full size $30

Monday, March 9, 2009


Someone just asked me, "What is soulful beauty?"
SOUL FULL beauty is REAL BEAUTY. I believe that real beauty is about the healthy, harmony of the inner you. I believe that when you are a caring, compassionate, and a loving person you are FULL. You are able to give and receive and you are OPEN. Your soul will radiate through your bright eyes and there will be a brightness that shines around you and the right people will be attracted to your "beauty" and inspired by your "beauty". Your SOUL FULL BEAUTY.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Recommendations for Rosacea

Rosacea is the internal inflammation of the skin resulting in sensitive, reddened skin on the nose, chin, forehead, and cheeks. I recommend Norabloom Rose Creme cleanser, Norabloom Bulgarian Rose Water, Norabloom Organic Rosehip Seed Oil as well as Norabloom Dandelion Face Creme. These specific products are protective, and smoothing, These also help regenerate the epidermis.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Butter By The Bedside

I highly recommend every gal have "butter by the bedside"!

I am a really busy gal. I put in a lot of hours at the beauty lounge, I have a daughter, I have a fantastic boyfriend and I claim to be a domestic goddess! There is not a ton of time at night for a beauty ritual. I swear every gal needs a beauty ritual. I did not say I did not have one, just it is hard to enjoy my nighttime beauty ritual with so many other things that need my attention.

I suggest that every gal have a little beauty basket by the bedside. By my bed I have NBLOOM Organic Rosehip Seed Oil Serum, NBloom Evening Primrose Eye Creme, NBloom Safflower Body BUTTER as well as NBloom Organic Clary Sage Body Oil.

On a typical eve, I rush to wash my face, then head for bed. I am ready to set my alarm clock when I notice "ah, butter by the bed side" I am cozy sitting in bed and this is the time where I use my serum, eye creme, and massage my legs and feet with Safflower Body BUTTER!

I go to bed feeling pampered, moisturized and ready to sleep!
Come on gals, you are worth it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Co Enzyme Q-10 in Eye Creme

Co Enzyme Q-10 is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are widely known in the medical and cosmetic world for their ability to heal and protect the skin and body. The outermost layer and largest organ of our bodies, the skin is continuously and unavoidably exposed to damaging environmental factors such as pollutants, smoke and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Photo-damaging and the deterioration of the skin’s natural defensive barriers and elasticity by constant exposure to pollution and free radical activity in skin contribute heavily to premature aging.

I suggest using an eye creme with Co Enzyme Q-10. Use morning and before bed to ensure you are doing all you can in your efforts to prevent early signs of aging!

I suggest: Norabloom Botanicals Evening Primrose Eye Creme

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Mineral Makeup

It is no secret that MINERAL MAKEUP is all the rage! First and foremost it provides broad spectrum sunscreen protection. You can use the loose mineral powders instead of heavy, greasy sunscreen moisturizers. I advise my clients to mix some of the mineral loose powders with their regular daily moisturizer and create a tinted moisturizer. You get just the right amount of coverage plus it is versatile.

Minerals are concentrated pigments, while being free of synthetic ingredients. You are doing your skin a favor by sticking to your regular face creme/moisturizer then adding minerals. The finish is flawless to offer a natural believable look.

To amplify your look...finish with a light nude lip gloss and mascara. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Petroleum in Cosmetics

The world is full of products that come from petroleum. For example, gasoline, styrofoam, lubricating oils, and many other items are all derivatives of this raw material. How are petroleum and cosmetics related? The two seemingly unrelated items, petroleum and cosmetics, are indeed closely related in our world.

Mineral oil and petroleum are the basic ingredients in many cosmetic products today. Both mineral oil and petroleum have the same origins in fossils fuels. Cosmetics such as foundations, cleansers, and moisturizers often contain mineral oil. By locking moisture against the skin, mineral oil sits on the skin’s surface and can potentially block pores. This may cause the appearance of pimples because the skin cannot properly ‘breathe’.

A popular chemical additive that carries moisture in cosmetics is propylene glycol. It is also a derivative of petroleum. Past research links propylene glycol to serious health problems as liver and kidney damage as well as respiratory irritation or nausea if swallowed.

Skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in products that it comes into contact with directly into the bloodstream. Today, hormone therapy treatments and smoking cessation medications are often prescribed as patches that you apply directly to the skin. The medication passes through the skin and directly enters the bloodstream. -Organic Beauty