Monday, November 12, 2007

If you love beauty tips you will love my book, Goddess Glow. It makes the perfect gift for gals any age.

Pampering is not just for royalty. I encourage women of all ages to pamper, indulge and take care of themselves. In my book I share what it takes to maintain youth and soulful radiance, a.k.a. the 'goddess glow'. I offer tips on facials, skincare products, beauty foods, hair removal and a flawless makeup application, as well as how to develop a relationship with your esthetician and makeup artist. Enjoy this 52 page, full-color paperback book. $22

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The Power of an At Home Facial

Funny how people with even the most sunny, positive outlook, can still have rainy days or a rainy week. My week started off pretty good, then.... the brakes in my car started grinding, the furnace blows out, a pipe in my basements explodes, my clothing drier just wont dry, my car need tires and everyone decides to bill out. (All in one week!) EEK! My daughter decides that this week is also "I hate you mom week", and if that wasn't bad enough, my hair just would not curl right. So like any other "beauty obsessed junkie" would do, I decide it's time for a new face! The first thing that turns my frown upside down, is some good ole pampering. I do my nightly routine which is tidy up my house, tuck my daughter into bed, take the poochies out for a nighttime tinkle, kiss the husband, lock up and then................ Yes I do it... an AT HOME FACIAL. I lock the bathroom door and line up my products one by one. I cleanse with my blossom chamomile cleanser, I leave it on while I brush my teeth. I exfoliate with the blossom green tea citrus scrub (scrubbing aggressively, trying to remove the stress off my face, then I apply my blossom pumpkin peel masque. It has to sit on the skin for 10 minutes so I lay out a towel in the middle of my tiny bathroom and practice breathing in and out (aiming for my stress to let go and disappear). I then rinse the scrumptious pumpkin peel masque off then to continue with my blossom dandelion face creme, evening primrose eye creme. I look in the mirror and who do I see? I see myself staring back at me, smiling with smooth skin and a glow to die for. I look less stressed. I am ready for a new sunny week! Girls this proves that if we take a little time for ourselves, even the worst week can end with a glow.